It’s time Wisconsin heard the truth about tobacco.

Here’s what we know: Tobacco’s still killing way too many of us. But when people understand the damage tobacco products can do—to their lives, their bodies, and to all the friends, family and people around them? They make better choices. And that’s our mission.

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So we’re telling it like it is. Right now.

FACT teens are spreading the undeniable, unfiltered truth about tobacco all over Wisconsin. Truths about toxic ingredients and secondhand smoke. Losing friends and loved ones. Smelling nasty. Addiction. Cancer. And living with a hole in your throat. (For real.) We’re taking action. And we’re changing Wisconsin—one town, one school, one person at a time. Learn more about who we are.

Logan FACT Posters May 2024

FACT Famous: Logan High School FACT

Logan High School FACT - Posters

Summer is a great time to continue spreading the truth about tobacco! Logan High School FACT set up some really awesome posters with resources on the REACH OUT campaign, as well as other mental health resources. Way to go!


for help - not nicotine.

Did you know that nicotine can actually make stress and anxiety worse? Seriously, that’s a FACT. And it’s a dangerous spiral that can mess with your mental health. So, next time you or a peer is feeling stressed out—reach out! Talk to a friend, shoot a text, or connect with resources. There are plenty of healthy ways you can break the stress spiral!
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Join FACT with sharing the REACH OUT materials in your community! Click the link below to download all the materials! 

REACH OUT Campaign Materials - Unbranded