FACT is for Wisconsin teens.

Somewhere between 7th grade and senior year? Read on.

FACT is for teens who care. For leaders who want to make a difference. For young people who’re ready to be brave. And for those who have something to say. FACT is for any teen that’s had to deal with tobacco’s deadly consequences. And if you’re still reading, it’s probably for you.

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Have some fun.

Somewhere between spreading the truth and saving the world (okay, mostly Wisconsin), FACT members can get really tight.

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Change Wisconsin.

FACT members have helped lower smoking rates, raise tobacco taxes and pass clean air laws, just by standing up for their beliefs.

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Score free gear.

It’s simple: The more FACTivisms you do, the more swag you can earn. And the closer we all get to a healthier Wisconsin.

We're in this together.

Tobacco doesn’t play fair. It hits us up right when we’re ready to take some risks and figure out who we want to be. And some young people are way more vulnerable than others. Take lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer or questioning (LGBTQ) teens, for example. Challenges like coming out to family and friends, or dealing with discrimination and bullying, can make turning to tobacco in times of stress way more likely. Seriously, Wisconsin’s LGB teens are 2X more likely to smoke a cigarette before they’re 13. It’s time for those numbers to change.

Living tobacco-free is harder for some of us. That’s why FACT stands for all of us.

Who’s your someone?

Seems like everybody knows someone who’s gotten sick, maybe even died, because of tobacco. In Wisconsin, tobacco products kill nearly 8,000 people every year. That’s about 650 people a month. At least 21 someones every single day. Help us change those numbers for good.

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